Anal play: dismantling the taboo

The anal plug is a great tool for those who love to be stimulated both in and around the anal. Reliable anal plugs are becoming increasingly accepted and as demand increases, the assortment of anal plugs for all ages grows. With sex shops you will find anal plugs in many different colors, shapes and sizes. It is important that you use a lot of lubricants when using your anal plug and other rear sex toys to minimize the risk of injury. Most anal plugs are designed to suit both women and men. Anal plugs can be used for masturbation or intercourse. Attractive butt plugs are used in public too. If you are looking for that little extra, we recommend that you try an anal plug with built-in vibrator for your weekly dose. An anal plug is exactly the same as a butt plug, only the difference is the name butt plug comes from the English language. Are women allowed to wear a butt plug at a nudist resort? Yes why not, it depends on the pleasure.

If, on the other hand, you are the prude type, use chastity device to avoid any scandals. There are also many variations of it, there are chastity devices for masters of it.

Different looks on anal plugs

The most classic form is the conformal plug with a wider base; it works well in all modes and is used by the vast majority of beginners. The conformed model always has a taper underneath the thickest part which allows the anal plug to fit into place without slipping in or out. Among our various plugs are also some penis shaped that can be used by you who want to feel the feeling of being penetrated by a penis there behind.

Hygiene when using anal plugs

To get the best possible time possible, it’s never wrong to combine your anal plug with an anal shower. If you feel uncomfortable brushing the buttocks is another good tip to draw a condom over the plug to keep it clean and fresh even after use. Also, keep in mind that washing your anal plug carefully, regular soap and water in combination with Hygiene takes cabbage on basically all the bacteria and impurities your plug may encounter.

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Anal Plugs on Sex Toys Outlet

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Anal enjoy a taboo that you should test

That anal enjoyment is amazing has many discoveries but it is still a bit of a taboo area that many do not think is natural to explore or suggest for their partner to test. You do not need to penetrate the anus because this is an area to explore, with some touches and touches with fingers or tongues, so it will be appreciated and enhance your enjoyment if you just dare to test. One way to get started is to let a finger slightly discreetly smear when you touch and rub gently on the anus to see one’s partner appreciate it. Anus is an erogenous zone with thousands of nerves and is very sensitive to touch, it’s just about daring. Remember to always use lubricants if you are going to penetrate the anus and take it always carefully, hurt it, stop immediately.

The tip for selecting the right anal plug

Here you will find tips if you want to find out which anal plug are best for you. It may be a little hard to choose when you do not try to play with an ankle plug before, what material should I take, how much should the anal plug be flexible or hard? Here are some good tips to help you choose the right anal plug.

Shape of the anal plug

There are many different types of anal plugs, some have a pointed top which makes it a little easier to insert, others have a conical top and others have a creative design. Whichever one you choose, you should choose an anal plug that has a stopper at the bottom, that is, at the bottom, it is T-shaped, which is intended for the anal plug to not slide completely into the anus. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to recommend a slightly better variant and you should always use lubricants when playing anal games so the anus does not have a natural lubricant like the vagina, for example.