I would like to thank my top contributors for giving our readers great stories to read! All of them are hot and exciting to read!

Shara Green

Shara is a ward nurse in Brooklyn. She reads stories from The Lady Books to relieve her stress. If she is lucky, she gets to hit it off with a steamy hot doctor from the surgery department. You do not want to miss their stories that have been shared multiple times.



Christine Sanders

Christine has been with us since we started, and was an avid reader of the blog. We convinced her to share her stories when we found out her sex adventures in the mountains in the comment section of one of our posts. She is now a regular contributor, and we are loving every story!


Johnny Gene

We call him McSteamy, and he loves it! Johnny, who is blessed with a manwhore name among other things, has been indulging us with his sex stories that are popular among women of all ages. Yes, including the thirsty moms!