The Different Textures of Dragon Dildos

Forget the old smooth and straight sex toys! Make way for dildos from the world of dragons, monsters and fabulous creatures. Let yourself be tempted by a discovery of other sensations and a very intense pleasure.

The sexual objects offered on the store take on surreal forms that defy rational logic. This is what is interesting in Monster Toys products. The creative brand does not seek to know if the dildos will be able to be inserted easily or even to simplify the use. It only takes into account the Imaginary and Surprising aspect.

These are all weird and so exciting forms.

Enter another dimension!

A Monster Toys dildo for what effect?

The shapes are so different that it is difficult to describe the sensations produced by the dildos of this collection.

Each of them will give various effects, whether on the anal margin during insertion (in particular the width and the relief) or on the prostate or on the bottom of the rectum (in particular the length and the terminal shape). It’s up to you to discover each pleasure and take the time to enjoy it. Buying a Monster Toys dildo is first a desire, a drive.

Then comes the time of use which suggests:

  • patience – a large part of sextoys are made up of XXL dimensions
  • of the technique – a reflection before and during insertion to find the best way to return the object
  • of sustained excitement – necessarily keep a desire
  • safety – the shapes are so bizarre that we advise you to choose a lubricant suitable for intense penetrations
  • The Monster Toys range is full of many bizarre dildos.
  • It’s up to you to try them!
  • Do you want to offer your partner a more true-to-life love toy?

To offer you a realistic dildo that will fulfill your most secret desires?

To play together or alone, you will find in our department what to have fun and give you unrivaled pleasure!

You can go for a classic template, which will give you the pleasure you are looking for, when you want it.

Are you an adventurer? Our wide range offers models with current colors and dimensions such that it will become your love giant for your naughty moments alone or your accompanied erotic games.

Our realistic dildos will bend to all your desires, and will be more realistic than ever, with for example our realistic dildos which ejaculate to give you even more pleasure!

You can discover your most intimate erogenous zones, discover surprising pleasures by accompanying yourself with your personal and secret pleasure object.

Gentlemen, what could be more exciting than offering your partner a replica of his own sex?

It is possible thanks to our molding kit! Ladies, do you want a realistic dildo that goes with you even in the shower?

The suction cup models will always be available for your pleasure wherever you are, whether you like conventional or more exceptional sizes, there is necessarily in our wide range of realistic dildos the one of your dreams and why not the one of your fantasies.

  • If you are experienced, spice up your sex games with the lovetoy Rocco Siffredi, which will fill you up.
  • Our wide price range will allow you all the madness. Whether you like anal, vaginal pleasure, alone or with your partner, small, large sizes, or daring circumferences, there are all the models on our page that will satisfy you.
  • Our realistic sex toys are available in a skin range which makes them look confusing!

Spice up your sexuality by adding one of our realistic sex toys!

The dildo is represented by a sex toy that closely resembles the human penis. Size, texture and shape are the main elements that bring it closer to a real penis. Any dildo model is perfect for both vaginal and anal penetration. Dildos are also recommended for stimulation of G-spot stimulation but also for oral penetration. For our top recommended dildos, you can visit the lovegasm website.

About dildos

Sex shops offer to all clients an extremely varied range of dildos that help to spice up your intimate life. The size of a dildo may vary depending on the needs, namely: 15, 18, 25 or 30 cm dildos can be found. Also the circumference is again an important criterion in choosing the dildo because the narrowest ones are wider depending on the choice of each person. Double dildos are in high demand for those who are more daring and always want to try something new. Some of the most sought after dildos are silicone ones due to its fine texture which has a very light penetration power without damaging the intimate area in any way. Some dildos that are highly appreciated are those made of jelly material that are easy to mold and do not produce any kind of skin adverse reactions. On the market of products of this type I find all kinds of transparent dildos, colored with testicles or prominent veins. A revolutionary product especially appreciated by couples is the strap-on dildo, which consists of a dildo with a generous size and a detachable harness.

Keeping dildos

Erotic toys of this type are not loaned to other people in order not to trigger the appearance of different unwanted conditions. On the online stores that sell dildos there is also a wide range of disinfectant products in the form of a spray for optimal cleaning of the dildo. They can be found in different quantities at extremely affordable prices. Any type of sex toy will be cleaned before and after any use.

Order online dildos

Order online dildosThe online version of ordering the favorite dildo is a method available to anyone because it is very practical and at the same time economical. You choose the product or products you want and then enter your personal data in the order form. The package will be packed in full discretion so as not to attract the attention of others. The fast courier arrives in a very short time anywhere in the country.