Using Sex Toys in Family Life

We started a conversation like that with a girlfriend, and a friend confessed to me that when their marriage broke up and the intimate scenes of the house were no longer interesting, they just tried an intimate toy and it diluted their colors in life, now they go like newlyweds again, and sex is blazing! I just wanted to ask you, girls, do you have an interest in sex in sex toys? Do you have ever experienced intercourse with unique sex toys?

Sex toys for men – do not be afraid to experiment

Sex toys for men are not a topic that is customary to discuss at a table in a male company. While women can talk openly about their vibrators, there is a lingering social stigma against men and sex toys. It is believed that the “real man” should not do something just for himself or, in extreme cases, use the improvised means by hiding in the bathroom. Not all men even know that the sex industry has long launched a masturbator for such purposes.

Why are so few guys using sex toys? In fact, not so little, just about it is not yet accepted to speak. Some believe that this is generally the lot of only prostitutes, and they are looking at vip-questionnaires with interest, in the hope of snatching a tasty morsel although, in fact, everything is much simpler, and you can buy any toys for home use.

Couples are even trying chastity specially made for couples. It’s just a matter of exploring.

Why you should try sex toys for men?

Sex toys are the best way to teach you to become a better lover. With their help, you will be able to explore your body, the masturbator will help you understand how to prevent a quick erection, keep your penis hard after an orgasm, experience multiple orgasms, make you more enduring. In addition, sex toys help to relax and relieve tension at a time when your girlfriend “has a headache.” Having such a toy, you cannot look for the caress of a prostitute.

Sex toys for men who should be in your bedside table

Whatever the reasons for negative connotations, men have the same right to toys as women. If your intimate life is devoid of bright colors, you definitely do not have enough sex toys. To get started, try the most popular sex toys for men, and you will understand what will suit you in the future:

Masturbator: From the name it is clear what it is for, you no longer need to wash your palms with blood. This toy is capable of tightly covering the penis, the ribbing inside enhances the stimulation. There is a huge selection of types of masturbators, ranging from pocket to model of a woman in full size. Imitation of the vagina, ass, mouth, even the sexual organs of porn stars – you can always find a suitable sex toy.

Erection ring: Do you still have sex without him? If you are not 18 years old, and your rocket does not rise up at the sight of women’s panties, then using such sex toys is the easiest way to bring a lot of pleasure to your partner without any serious effort on your part. The ring is fastened around the base of the penis or scrotum, causing an increased rush of blood to them, and a strong, powerful erection is provided to you.

Dildo: This sex toy for men is not just for gays. If you are confused by this name, let it be a prostate massager. You know how useful it is to massage your prostate gland to prevent prostatitis. In addition, you get a lot of new sensations, if you turn on the vibration.

Vaginoimitator: In fact, it is still the same masturbator, but is made inside in an exact copy of the female vagina, which gives a complete feeling of sex with a real woman. Even if your companion is at your side, a vaginal simulator is a great prelude that will help you stay firm for a long hot night and excite your partner.

How to safely use a Sex Toy

Regardless of relationship status and sexual preferences, a vibrator may appear in your life. We figure out how to choose and safely use a new toy for maximum pleasure.

Individual Preferences

What is suitable for one, another may not like at all. Some have allergies (for example, latex), while others tend to avoid phthalates, chemical plasticizers that have been widely used since the 1950s to make plastics more elastic. Any skin-friendly material silicone or ABS plastic must be suitable for insertion. If you experience discomfort or an allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately.

Start Small

Buy a sex toy is no easier than choosing a partner. As with people, consistency and reliability are required in the sex toy world.

This is also the rule on chastity devices. Start easy and if you’re used to it, you can then start a new chastity device that is for experts. If you only want it temporarily, there are chastity devices to suspend sexual activities. Learn tricks in using chastity cages online.

Keep it Clean

Sex toys should be washed before and after use. You can buy special wipes for sex toys. Do not use baby wipes. Liquid for washing sex toys is inexpensive, is used with warm water if the toy is waterproof. It is worth noting that some sex toys need to be washed only in a certain way, so carefully read the instructions before use.